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Harnessing big data for the statistical community

Through our unique network across the community of official statistics, we enable access to state-of-the-art methods, algorithms, technologies and data sources.

Large-scale data processing

Initialize massive Spark clusters to perform fault-tolerant workloads on a range of data sources.

Cloud-based coding environment

Start coding in Python, R, or Scala right away without installing anything locally.

Big data sources

Gain access to terrabytes of data on a range of topics, from ship tracking to satellite information.

Code management

Take advantage of our carefully curated suite of code management and DevOps tools.

Online learning

Gain access to courses and training on key topics in official statistics and big data.

Privacy-Enhanced Technologies

Get involved in advancing the use of privacy-enhancd technologies to data science workflows.

Innovation Partnerships

Contribute to unique innovation projects with partners from across the globe.

Bespoke Solutions

Our network of experts in software, operations and data science has built bespoke solutions for national partners.

Task Teams

Join one of our many task teams focusing onbig data and data science.

Join our community.

Our community is open to members of the Official Statistics community. To join and learn more, contact us.